Announcing the Sionic Story – our expertise speaks for itself

Our new video series features our specialists speaking about their expertise and the difference we believe we make

We are delighted to announce a new video series showcasing specialists speaking about their expertise and the difference we believe we make. These films form part of our ‘Sionic Story’ series, exploring our values, our expertise and key topics in our industry.

So far, over twenty Sionic specialists have been filmed for the series. The first films to be released feature:

“The financial services industry is making investment decisions on behalf of individuals and organisations every single day. They can literally put their money where their mouth is by making investment decisions that are for the human good.”

  • operations and finance expert Diane Cenci, from our Finance & fund administration practice, talking about the pressures on banks to increase efficiency while also ensuring they have the right controls in place:

Our clients today are under a lot of pressure, not only from a regulatory pressure but under an efficiency perspective.  They are constantly looking at how they do things – am I the most efficient; am I putting costs in the right place; am I able to get scale with the resources I have? It’s very important as they look through any change that they also think about the control environment – that’s where we focus.”

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being industry insiders. Most of our staff have walked in our clients’ shoes. We know the pressure to deliver in functions whether its finance, compliance, regulation, operations and to face pressure from regulators and management, working with short budgets and timeframes.”

  • data and technology expert Ken Bigelow, from our Data & technology practice, talking about how we are building new artificial intelligence and machine learning technology solutions for financial institutions:

“We’re interested in automating away manual process to lower cost and risk. There’s a whole new world of opportunity for institutions to fundamentally change how they manage risk and cost.  We’ve already built human-assisted machine learning next generation tools and we’re really excited about the next two years. But at the end of the day somebody still has to have knowledge of what firms are really trying to accomplish – and that’s where Sionic is unique.”

“All participants in the market, not just banks, will have to adapt to the fact that LIBOR is going to disappear – the UK has imposed an end of 2021 deadline. Banks and asset managers, CCPs, exchanges, custodians – everyone – will have to align themselves to that timeline. Those projects are huge – some studies estimate $100m for each big bank. We have the knowledge, the expertise, the experience, the footprint and the agility to lead those projects and help them deliver a successful transition.”

In the same series you can also hear more about our values, with staff from Sionic offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia describing what our values mean to them, in their own words:

And in this video, featuring Madrid-based Silvia Amorós from our Client lifecycle management practice and Emiliano Salcines from our Front Office business lines practice, you can hear more about the Sionic Dashboards initiative, which is aimed at boosting the effectiveness of data-driven decisions:

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